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CMAT LabsFest is an initiative by CMAT. Its debut event took place in 2022 and it is planned to become an annual festival. The event programme includes the celebration of the International Day of Mathematics.

CMAT LabsFest aims to gather all four CMAT laboratories:

InLab - Industry Laboratory - promotes the interaction between research done in CMAT and industry, companies and other services;
PosLab - Postgraduate Laboratory - aims to find new postgraduate students, from Portugal or abroad, and to effectively facilitate funding opportunities for their studies, through scholarships and grants by scientific foundations, or others, or finantial support by companies;
OutLab - Outreach Laboratory - aims at bridging the gap between research developed in CMAT and public awareness of the importance of mathematics in the daily life, by promoting outreach activities;
CMAT Junior Group - is a group of undergraduate and master students in mathematics, or related topics, whom want to enhance math initiation to research and outreach activities.

Organizadores: Ana Jacinta Soares, A. Manuela Gonçalves, Carla Ferreira, Davide Azevedo, Flora Ferreira, Lisa Santos, Maria Cláudia Araújo, Maria Fernanda Costa, Maria Suzana Gonçalves, Susana Faria.